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Year: 2014
Run Time: 93 minutes
Size: 944.5 MB
Size (HD): 1.9 GB
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FINESSE FILM SYSNOPSIS FINESSE is a comedy about TJ “Al Nuke”, a record executive/hood pastor running a shady business with a shady crew. When TJ is arrested on fraud charges, he leaves his staff with no jobs and no paychecks. So, Quick “Zaytoven” (a smart con-artist with baby mama drama) decides to steal the boss’s identity and manipulate a plan to generate an income large enough to split among them leaving TJ footing the bill. On the verge of success Quick falls in love with a client who convinces him to invest in a scam leaving TJ Enterprises back at square one. Now the crazy crew must get their money back before their clients OR police shut the whole office down. FINESSE is a heartfelt comedy that will have you laughing from the beginning to the end.
Year: 2014

Actor(s): Al Nuke (Main ), Zaytoven (supporting Actor ), Migos (supporting cast ), Dj Scream (supporting cast ), Dj Holiday (supporting cast ), Trinidad James (supporting cast )

Genre(s): Comedy
Studio(s): Scrape The Bowl/Bigg Bizz Media
Director(s): Al Nuke
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